Curly Coated Retrievers
showdogs since 1972, curlies since 1985 
Our goal: To establish a solid line which consistently reproduces correct type, excellent temperament and dogs who retain their natural abilities.  We are dedicated to breeding the foundation for which tomorrow's breeders can build upon and ensure a continuance of the breed that we have come to cherish.
Through a carefully selected and limited breeding program, Aarowag has consistently produced dogs which have performed well in both performance and show activities.  We have always offered full written guarantees on our puppies.  All breeding stock is and has always been OFA cleared and Cerf.   As health issues are identified and tests developed to screen for these issues we will ensure that all future breeding stock is tested prior to breeding.   

All our dogs are family companions first!  They are raised in the home with us, not in a kennel separate from the house.  We intend for our pups to go into homes where they will be as much a part of their new families as they are with us.
Aarowag Girls
Aarowag Boys
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2001 litter and photo album
2002 litter born July 13  2 boys to Hasse & Moxie!
2004 Litter Tenor x Page, Born 2/21/04

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