A very brief history: My involvement in the sport of pure bred dogs began back in the early 70s when I was in college.  Back then I had an Old English Sheepdog that I showed as the budget would allow.  It was in 1985 that I came to know and fall in love with the Curly-Coated Retriever. Since then I decided to dedicate myself to improving the over all health and soundness of the breed and to introduce this marvelous breed to other dog lovers that wanted something a little bit different. 
Our goal: To establish a line of curlies which consistently reproduce correct type, excellent temperaments and curlies who retain their natural abilities.  We are dedicated to breeding the foundation for which tomorrow's breeders can build upon and ensure a continuance of the breed that we have come to cherish.  We believe that we are meeting this goal
Breeding Philosoply:
Through a carefully selected and limited breeding program (often partnering with other breeders) we have consistently produced curlies that have performed well in both performance and conformation.  We have always offered full written guarantees on all our puppies.  All breeding stock is OFA and Cerf cleared for hips, heart, and eyes with the results documented on the OFA & Cerf web site for verification.  As health issues are identified and tests developed to screen for these issues we will ensure that all future breeding stock is tested prior to breeding.

All our dogs are family companions first!  They are raised in the home with us, not in a kennel or basement separate from the main living area.  We intend for our pups to go into homes where they will be a cherished member of their new family.

About our show/performance dogs:
We breed primarily for ourselves.  We do not breed just to have a litter or fill orders.  If you are looking for a show or performance pup from us you may have to wait but we believe you will be happy with what you get.  Unlike many breeders we do not place pups in show or performance homes that we would not want to keep, show, trial and breed from in the future.
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