Clarion & Aarowag January 2008 Litter
Puppies are here!! Page, Ch. Blazeaway Scandal Rag, delivered her brood of 14 puppies starting at 2:30am January 24th and finishing at 10:10 am.  At one point Casey mentioned that Page had two at what seemed to be the same time.  At 6 years old Page is incredibly healthy and fit and Casey feels that her large litter and easy delivery is a testament to her raw food diet.

The break down is 7 livers and 7 blacks.  Split between males and females. (2 liver boys, 3 black boys, 5 liver girls, & 4 black girls)

Because of the size of the litter we decided to see if Page's older daughter from her first litter, Candy, who was having a false pregnancy, would be willing to step in a help with the nursing.  On friday we introduced a couple of pups to Candy and at once she took to them allowing them nurse.  We added two more about an hour later and then another two about an hour after that.  Candy was in heaven!  She just loves puppies!  She was busy licking and cleaning them and was very good about nursing.  Saturday morning I made the long drive to check up on Candy and see how she was doing.  So far so good.  She showed off her new pups that the stork brought her.  Now I noticed that as attentive as she was she was not the same as a new mom. 

Pups were weighed and although Candy's pups did not weigh as much as Page (Page has far more milk than Candy at this time) they did gain weight.  Candy is coming into milk but it is not as plentiful yet. 
Update: At two weeks there is virtually no difference between Candy's pups and Page's pups as far as average weight gains.  Candy has come into lots of milk.

We are very excited about this breeding but very enthusiastic  about the experiment.  Candy is such a wonderful dog and we expect that her baby brothers and sister will be as great to live with as she is.

If interested in a pup from Page please contact us at:
Carol: (Aarowag Curlies)
Casey: (Clarion Curlies)
Update: Candy came home when pups were about 5 weeks and one of her daughters followed her home a few weeks later.  The pups are big and fat & well adjusted.  As the pups were growing Page was happy to let Candy do all the work while she sat back and supervised.  Candy just loved the pups and was so happy when I brought her little sister home.
First Puppy Photos!
Pups at  4  weeks
Pups at 3 - 4  weeks
Pups at  5  weeks
Pups at 2 - 3 weeks
Pups at  6  weeks
Ch. Blazeaway Scandal Rag, OFA good, Cerf, OFA cardiac clear, GSDIIIa clear
Sire: Aus. Ch. Tuwaripi Belzebub Dam: Aus Ch. Caballus Far Out
Pedigree and photos of Page
Ch. Pizzazz Over The Top, OFA Good, Cerf, OFA Cardiac clear, GSDIIIa clear
Ch. Fairway Gotta Hex on You, WCX, JH out of Ch. Fairway Pizzazz Rendezvous
Aarowag Curlies
Sire and Dam of Sirius
Presto, Ch. Fairway Gotta Hex On You, WCX, JH - (Fin Import Ch. Haamorin Indeksi x Ch. Avanti Fairway Bewitched) Sire of a Best In Show curly and the 2007 CCRCA Specialty Best of Breed.
Raven, Ch. Fairway Pizzazz Rendezvous - (Fin, NL Ch. Caballus Inferno x Ch. Mathel Felicitation. 
Sire and Dam of Page
Beazle, Aus Ch. Tuwaripi Belzebub - (Lizallwood Lucifer x Ch. Blazeaway Great Debate.  Beazle is a top winning curly in Australia and the sire of many Champions 
Tamee, Aus Ch. Caballus Far Out  - (Darelyn Double Dutch  x Ch. Caballus Out for A Blaze)